Sunday, August 05, 2012


I attended the RWA conference in Anaheim and loved every minute of it. So many things to consider and comment upon; impossible to talk about everything that happened but a few highlights...

It was great to finally meet friends in person after "knowing" them for so long through this cyberworld of ours.

Melissa McClone got me to go on the Cars roller coaster ride at Disney...I think she may have created a roller coaster monster, though. I can't wait to do that again! Both spend time with Melissa and ride in one of those fast little cars!

The conference and awards dinner were awesome. I got to sit and listen to some of my all-time favorite authors. Julia Quinn and Nora Roberts are so much fun in person. The workshops were interesting, the networking invaluable and the general atmosphere almost intoxicating. Really, for someone in such a solitary profession to have the opportunity to relax, learn, have fun and swap ideas with other authors is a total rush.

Can't wait to do it all again next year in Atlanta!


Melissa McClone said...

It was great seeing you (once I got over the initial shock of you being in Anaheim. LOL!) I loved our night at DCA and dinner on Friday and sitting at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday. I'm not sure about going to Atlanta, but I hope we can spend more time together soon!