Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Larks

Have you read The Lark Journals yet? It is a blog written by four Whiskey Creek Press authors. Kathleen O'Connor, Debbie Wallace, Margaret Blake and I each take turns writing the posts. We are four women coming from very different points in life (and on the globe!) but with one thing in common: we all love to write. We're each committed to the art of telling a story.

I love hearing what the other women have to say. Debbie is down to earth and funny and is as likely to share a photo of her kitty as a humorous story. Kathy is an expert short story teller, as well as an accomplished mystery novelist. Margaret, who lives in England but has done quite a bit of living in different parts of the world, writes with an ease that simply amazes me. And me...well, you know me. I'm just along for the adventure! I am in awe of the talents of these three women who surround me. Each day is a new adventure for me as I read their posts, sharing a smile or gaining an insight. My day is Friday and I ramble on, just happy to be part of the gang!

If you haven't visited The Lark Journals yet maybe you should stop on by. You might be glad you did! Me? I'm thrilled to be a lark! :)


Marianne Arkins said...

I admit, I haven't been there but one time. I'll try to swing by soon!

Anonymous said...

I've read the Lark Journal a few times. Always very interesting!


Anonymous said...

I'm off to lark around right now!

Oz J

Anonymous said...

Its a great blog. A lot of funny stuff there. :P

C.Gwynn said...

I have read the Lark Journal. It is always great!