Sunday, July 15, 2007


Ahh... to write a novel considered a "classic"... just imagine how wonderful it must feel...

Oh, that's right! The authors of the classics are all...well, you know. None of them is around to enjoy the infamy of having written a novel of such grand stature that it's considered a classic.

Right., well... Okay, so I'll scratch that off my to-do list. :)

You know I'm just joking, don't you? Classic? I don't believe anyone ever sets out to write something like that. I think it just happens.

The reason I'm thinking of this is really very un-classic, if you must know. Tonight Treasure Island is going to be on the movie channel. I have never seen it, nor have I read the book. I checked, and it's not on our bookshelves so I'll have to buy a copy and settle in and read it. Because really, although I'm certain I'm going to enjoy the movie, the book is bound to be much better. I googled Treasure Island and found some info here. Just in case you want to take a peek. But I imagine you've read the book, haven't you?

Oh. Right.

So I'll see you at the bookstore, then?

Oh, and if you want to bone up on some of the other classics, try peeking in here. I could happily get lost on a site like this...