Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thinking Back

January is definitely a point in the year when I focus on what lies ahead, but at the same time I can’t help but remember the year we’ve just closed out. What a year it was!

Yes, I’ve been somewhat reflective these past few days, remembering all we were going through—and all we’d yet to encounter—this time last year. This week in ’09, Hubby had recently been released from the hospital. I was totally relieved to have him home, even though I knew he would be readmitted for surgery in February. It’s hard to believe we sailed through that, and so much more.

I’ll admit, my knees get a bit wobbly when I recall the whirlwind year, so I don’t spend much time doing so. For some reason, though, I can’t help but think about it—maybe now that it’s January I’m finally allowing myself to consider the scares of the past. A bit of distance—that might be what I’ve needed to reflect on it all.

I am so grateful we survived 2009! I’m just as thankful for the kindness, support and love of family and friends that we’ve been showered with this past year. Everything would have been so much more difficult had it not been for the amazing people who surrounded us when we most needed to be enfolded. They are still supporting us, and we will be forever grateful. Sometimes life takes a sharp turn when it’s least expected, but it’s a blessing that there are those who run toward the chaos instead of from it.

All right, I’m done reflecting. For now, at least.

Hmm…I wonder if cookie deprivation could have any effect on a person’s capacity for reminiscence indulgences? You never know…

What about you? Is January turning your gaze forward? Backward? Sideways—no, just kidding about that one! Or are you like me, looking in both directions at once?

Any forward, backward or even sideways thoughts you’d care to share on this wintry morning? Hmm?


Mary said...

I've thought alot in Jan too. We had an anniversary and it made me think about some things. Some good, some not great but at least I was thinking.