Friday, January 29, 2010

Resolution Report

Ah, the revolving resolution scheme. It’s January, and that means I’m foregoing cookies. Now, cookies don’t seem to be a big deal, and in the Grand Scheme of Things they aren’t but I will say that in my ordinary, ho-hum life cookies are a Big Deal.

My mother raised me with the cookie-for-each-hand motto, and I’ll admit I’ve faithfully adhered to her way of thinking. It’s a credo that’s served me well, one I never thought to relinquish but…

Dare I say it? Aloud? Here and now, in the presence of witnesses?

Oh, I hope I don’t regret this—

I’m getting used to not eating cookies every day. There, I’ve said it. Miraculously, the sky didn’t fall and the earth didn’t shake. Who knew I could say such a thing and not suffer dire consequences?

Live and learn…

Oh, right. The cookie resolution. I’ll admit, at first it was tough not eating cookies. I’m nearly (but not quite, mind you!) embarrassed to say this but I even dreamed about cookies the first week of the month. That’s right; I dreamed I was in a bakery, facing a wall of the most incredible cookies which were—inconveniently!—behind glass. What do you think Freud would say about that honey of a nightmare?

Anyhow, the cookie dreams have stopped. My jeans are looser in the posterior region. I’m satisfied that I’ve made a healthy change. All good, right?

So, I’d say this resolution-a-month plan is working. So far.

Now, if I could only think of something for February I’d be set. Any suggestions?

And how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? All good, I hope. If you’ve slipped, remember there’s always the first of February, which seems like as good a day as any to jump back onto the resolution wagon.

Have a nice day!


Marianne Arkins said...

I need to resolve to eat NO french fries in February. They are my great weakness.

And, LOL on your dream! Are you going to continue to ration cookies?

Dru said...

I'm glad the cookie deal worked. Does that mean you'll have no more cookies starting in February?

Natalie Acres said...

Oh my, a cookie for each hand sounds really good right now. I'm in the mountains watching it snow wishing for hot chocolate and my grandmother's mystery cookies. :)

Great post,
Natalie Acres