Monday, July 06, 2009


Hi, it's me again. Sarita's busy reading something called a galley...or was it golly...hmm, maybe it was gulley...

Anyhow, she's reading something so I'm stopping in this morning to show you some stuff on the farm--from my point of view. Which is, I must admit, unsually a little bit different from everyone else's.

Doesn't this look like a big goose monster coming over the treetops? It's kind of scary, don't you think?
Know what I do when I'm scared? I bite Sarita on the foot so she'll pick me up and give me a cuddle. I don't care if her foot is in a muddy gardening sneaker...when I'm feeling threatened, I bite first and ask questions later.

There are lots of these little houses around the place. Every one of them has a family in it. I like to sit beneath these houses to listen to the singing. Very pretty, and once in a while I get to watch the baby birds practice flying!

I'm not at all sure what anyone would do with a cherry ...or was it cheery?... but the humans are jazzed about these. There are lots of trees just loaded with these things, and some of them are turning bright red. The cherries, not the trees.

Me? I'm just waiting to see what happens when there are hundreds of cheery cherries. I'm kind of hoping they taste like tuna fish.

I keep looking for the tuna fish tree but so far I haven't found it...

Right side up, upside down...these smell meowy good.
Brushing up against these lupines tickles my whiskers. You should try it sometime...just lean in close and let them tickle your whiskers. Come on, you know you want to!

Thanks for stopping by. If I'm lucky, the galley-thingy will keep Sarita busy for a while. There's lots more to see on this old farm.

After a nap, that is. We explorers need our rest.

Have a nice day, and remember--keep your whiskers clean.


Dru said...

I just love when you visit, Piglet. Thanks for sharing your sites with us. I think you'll like cherries.

Have a good time wandering the farm. Say "hi" to your humans.

Melissa McClone said...

Thanks for stopping by Piglet. Loved your tour!