Friday, June 20, 2008

Piglet In Charge

Hey there, everybody! Happy Friday! It's me--Piglet! Meow!

I'm taking over Sarita's blog this morning because...well, just because I always wanted to and today looks like a good day to do it. I think I can get away with it and she might not even notice. She's still pretty wiped from the whole editing thing. I'm not sure I completely understand why she's got to do that (the edit thing) but I guess it keeps me in kibbles so I'm not going to make too much of a fuss. But she's got achey fingers and tired wrists and she says something about her bottom feeling glued to her chair. Again, I don't get that--sounds meowy painful to me--but hey, I'm just a cat so what do I know?

Ha! I know more than anyone suspects but let's keep that on the down low, alright?

Anyhow, it's my day to blog. Me, Piglet. HA! I knew this day would come...

Yesterday I took Sarita on a walk around the farm. She's been cooped up with that computer thingy so I figured she could use a look at what's been going on around here. C'mon, I'll show you what we saw...

Follow me.

We've got bunches of these things growing everywhere. Sarita calls them day-sees but they tickle my whiskers so I give 'em lots of room. Whisker ticklers. Ugh.

Ah, a little birdie peeking out of its house.
Come out, little birdie...I want to play with you...

We stopped to count the clovers.
All threes.
She seems sure there are fours...
keeps muttering about Lynda finding fours without any problem.
I like Aunt Lynda.
Eye-rises, Sarita says.
Me? I don't care what they're called.
I tasted one.
They taste like my feet.
No, wait.
My feet taste better than these things.
These are pretty.
There's loads of 'em--in all shades of pink and white!--
growing around the farm.
They smell good, too.
Taste kind of funky, though.
Now these? Lee-lees? I like 'em. A lot.
They don't tickle my whiskers, smell like sunshine and
they don't taste too bad, either.
What more could any cat want?
Besides a nap, that is?
This blogging stuff isn't as easy as Sarita makes it look.
I need some shut-eye.
Hope you've had as much fun as I have taking over the blog.
I'll try and do it again real soon.
But shh!
Don't tell Sarita I've got plans to take over her chair.
We don't want her to worry, do we?
Have a nice weekend!


Marianne Arkins said...

Oh... so cute. But, methinkis Piglet lives up to his name *G*.

Anonymous said...

Piglet, you're adorable. Try not to shed on Sarita's chair, okay?

Dru said...

omg, I love it. Piglet is my kind of kitty. Take care of Sarita and let her sit in her chair.