Monday, November 12, 2007

Days of the Week Panties

I don't know if you had them, but when I was a little girl I had Days of the Week panties. Big deal, that. Made me feel wonderfully adult since I reasoned that beneath every smart, savvy woman's hiphuggers lurked a pair of Days of the Week panties. Well they did, didn't they?

The most appealing part of the Days of the Week panties was, naturally, the way they made me feel. Ah, isn't it amazing that sophistication can come so easily to the young? Sigh... Oh, and the other fab part of wearing these panties in their proper order was that I always knew what day it was. Monday? Pink panties. Wednesday? Lavender. Every day had its own color, with the day embroidered across the hip in contrasting thread. Lose track of the day halfway through? A quick trip to the restroom and I'd know whether it was Monday or Tuesday. Easy as pie, and perfectly logical.

Now that I'm an adult I often long for those Days of the Week panties. Honestly, I hardly ever know what day it is. I just don't. Between us, I'm generally surprised by whatever day it turns out to be. Like now. Here I sit, wondering how on earth it could be Monday when it feels like Friday just started. Where did the weekend go? I'm gobsmacked that it's Monday morning already. Wouldn't have known it if I hadn't read the morning's headlines and saw the date--and day of the week.

But if I'd been wearing those Days of the Weeks panties, there would have been some warning. I'd have taken note of the weekend passing, be ready for Monday instead of sitting here puzzling over days that sped by as if on wings.

Just can't beat a trusty pair of panties, can you?


Marianne Arkins said...

Those panties always stressed me out -- I couldn't wear Monday on Wednesday, but what if my mom hadn't done laundry yet? Did I go without? Scarred me for life, I'm telling you.

And, my DH has been taking odd days off the past few weeks. I have no idea what day it is anymore.

Anonymous said...

You slay me. Days of the Week panties --- so funny!!

Rebecca said...

I can just picture you, sitting in a cafe with friends and forgetting what day it is, saying "excuse me" and looking down at your underpants to check!!

Profumissima said...

I used to wear them too, and I'm longing to find something similar again, but for a reasonable price: I mean, I like the ones by Stella McCartney, but I don't want to pay 150£ or more... :-(